Council to spend $7.5 million from contribution plans

A total of $7.472 million will be taken from Peninsula “developer contribution plans” to fund projects on the Peninsula over the next four years.
Money for the plans are contributed by property developers as a condition of development approval, with the aim of funding public infrastructure required as a result of their developments.
The details of capital works program projects funded by contributions plans were tabled at the Central Coast Council meeting on September 14.
The report stated that the Minister of Planning and Public Spaces allowed the pooling of contributions across all of Council’s contributions plans from May 18.
He required a four-year plan to be submitted to the Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment.
Council staff submitted a plan with a total project expenditure of $93.59 million of which $79.62 million would come from developer contributions and $13.97 million from
other sources.
Despite the provision for pooling, the plan allocated no pooled funds to the Peninsula.
The Peninsula has around 11.7 per cent of the Council’s population, but was allocated 9.4 per cent of the allocated funds.
A total of $1.923 million was allocated for projects this financial year, with $550,000 going towards the Rogers Park redevelopment, $380,000 towards improvements at James Brown Oval and $315,000 altogether for playground upgrades at Australia Ave, Ryans Rd and Brickwharf Rd.
Dune stabalisation has been allocated $200,000 and beach access a further $100,000.
“Sporting facility redevelopment” at Umina Oval has been allocated $160,000 this financial year towards a total project cost of $2.177 million.
Other projects to receive contribution plan funding include reserve upgrades for the Woy Woy Waterfront Redevelopment, and at Mt Ettalong and other reserves.
The plan earmarked $3.368 million for projects next financial year.
This included $916,000 for “reserve upgrades” at the Woy Woy Waterfront Redevelopment, $690,000 for “sporting facility redevelopment” at Umina Oval, and $300,000 at each of Rogers Park and for further “reserve upgrades” at Woy Woy Waterfront or at Lions Park.
Amounts of $200,000 or more were allocated to upgrades at McEvoy Oval and Mt Ettalong reserve and for dune stabilisation.
An amount of $100,000 was allocated for beach access and $80,000 for the Blackwall boat ramp.
An upgrade to Blackwall Mountain reserve was allocated $50,000, of a total project cost of $435,000, and $100,000 was allocated to other reserve upgrades.
In the financial year 2022-23, the plan allocated $1.48 million to Peninsula projects.
The largest amount was $570,000 for the Blackwall boat ramp upgrade.
The Umina oval sporting facility redevelopment was allocated $250,000, dune stabilisation $200,000, while upgrades to the reserves at Mt Ettalong and Blackwall Mountain were given $175,000 and $130,000 respectively.
Other projects including beach access, observation decks and interpretive signage received a total of $155,000.
In the fourth year, 2023-24, only $601,000 has been allocated from contribution plans to projects on the Peninsula.
The Blackwall Mountain reserve upgrade was allocated $255,000, dune stabilisation $183,000 and observation decks $100,000.
A total of $62,000 was allocated to beach access upgrades and to interpretive signage.

Central Coast Council agenda 4.1, 14 Sep 2020