Bridge club attendance halves

Brisbane Water Bridge Club membership has declined to 80 per cent of its previous numbers, and its weekly attendance halved, due to the coronavirus epidemic.
These were the numbers given by Mr Peter Hume in his president’s report to the club’s annual meeting on September 12.
He said the club had 191 home club members last October, compared to the 174 in the previous October.
The club now has 158 home club members and 69 non-home club members, he said.
“After re-opening under a Covid Safety Plan in July, we are getting a weekly attendance of 25-30 tables, about half of our 2019 attendance.
“We have demonstrated to the community centre our reduced income and can report that proportionate to our reduced income, we have negotiated 50 per cent rent relief, to continue while current health restrictions are in place.
“Many of the club’s members are playing online, mostly through the Combined Central Coast Bridge Club on BBO and Stepbridge Club.
“In June 2020, there were 29 members on Stepbridge, the fifth highest participation of the 150-plus clubs that play online there.”
He said that, overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic, “it’s easy to forget what a wonderful year of bridge we had through 2019”.
“The club was having a growth spurt, largely due to a welcome surge of beginners joining up.
“A recruitment drive, masterminded by teaching director Christine Hadaway, included volunteers setting up tables and playing in Woy Woy shopping centres and let people see bridge being played.
“The club’s efforts were recognised with an article of support by Joan Butts, the ABF National Teaching Coordinator, in the ABF Newsletter of October.
“Participation grew in 2019, evidenced by a growth in the number of green masterpoints awarded: 822.90 in the 12 months to September 2019.
“The previous year 753.00 green masterpoints were awarded.
“This bonanza of points gave us entitlement to 19 red point events for 2020.
“The ABF Masterpoints Centre has agreed to grant clubs the same number of red point event entitlements in 2021 despite reduced activity in 2020.
“The Super Congress, our club’s major event in July 2019 attracted just under 50 tables of players on both days of the weekend.
“On a budget of $15,000, we ran at a modest profit of around $1000.”
The club re-elected Mr Hume as president.
Others elected to the committee were vice-president Ms Christine Hadaway, secretary Ms Tracey Dillon, treasurer Ms Beryl Lowry, Graham Woof, Ann Snow, George Boettiger and Felicity Fane.

Website, 13 Sep 2020
Peter Hume, BWBC