Two reach 175 nights of home reading

Two students at Woy Woy Public School have reached 175 nights of home reading.
They are George Kassi-Hurley and Tia Brown, both of K/6PC.
Four students have reached 150 nights: Sahara Lowe 2MB, William Burton 3/4M, Sidney Brannigan 3/4M and Callum Tickner K/6PC.
Jack Sainty of 2E and Claire Zhu of 3/4LB have reached 125 nights.
Six students have reached 100 nights: Louisa Morrison 2E, Maria Gonzaga 3/4M, Deizel Douglas 3/4M, Aidan Betts K/6PC, Bentley Everingham Bascur K-6W and Tabitha Wright 3/4LB.
Reaching 75 nights were Emma Gavin 3/4M, Charlotte McPhee K/6PC, Saarah Mehdi K/6PC and Matthew Golds K-6W.
Five students reached 50 nights.
They were Summer Walker 3/4M, Emily Overton K/6PC, Chace Browne K-6W, Jack Cross K-6W and Michael Heggie K-6W.

Newsletter, 29 Aug 2020
Ona Buckley, Woy Woy Public School