Solar panels to shade carpark

Solar panels will be used to provide shade for 103 car parking spaces for shoppers in Woy Woy.
Deepwater Plaza centre manager Ms Marcelle Proper said that the canopy would comprise 680 solar photovoltaic panels in the “Coles carpark”, generating about 340MWh of electricity per annum.
It would reduce the shopping centre’s use of grid-purchased electricity as well as the associated carbon emissions.
“Our car park solar project at Deepwater Plaza will enhance the amenity for our shoppers through shaded car parking and supply the centre with renewable energy, supporting the centre’s sustainability goals,” Ms Proper said.
She said that the work would include resurfacing and line marking, as well as improved pedestrian access at the Coles entrance to the shopping centre.
Access to Deepwater Plaza from the car park would remain open for shoppers throughout the project which is expected to be completed in mid-November.

Media Release, 24 Aug 2020
Marcelle Proper, Deepwater Plaza