Help sought to keep school pick-ups safe

Woy Woy Public School has sought the help of Transport NSW to facilitate the safe pick-up and drop-off of students in Park Rd under coronavirus requirements.
School principals Ms Ona Buckley and Mr Dan Betts said that they had been approached by parents concerned about the safety of afternoon pick-ups in Park Rd.
“Concerned parents have brought the extremely important and frightening situation to our attention and rightly so.
“Covid-19 has certainly changed the way we have to drop off and pick up our children but it should not ever endanger the very people we are endeavouring to keep safe.
“We are monitoring what is happening and have changed teacher duties and supervision plans to try and solve the unsafe problem.
“We have approached the transport department for any short term support they may be able to extend.”
In the school newsletter, the principals asked that parents “watch for others, be considerate of others and do the right thing”.
“Children have limited peripheral vision.
“Be aware of where they are.
“Drivers beware of the crossing.
“Everyone use the crossing.
“Please remember the rules of our kiss and drop zone.
“It is for everyone.
“We need to work together to keep our children safe.”

Newsletter, 25 Aug 2020
Ona Buckley and Dan Betts, Woy Woy Public School