Bridge players asked to pre-book sessions

The Brisbane Water Bridge Club is asking players to pre-book their sessions.
“Due to Covid-19 physical distancing requirements and to facilitate playing movements, we are requesting all session participants pre-book,” said organiser Ms Tracey Dillon.
Players can write their name on a list on the club noticeboard, particularly if they play a session on a regular basis.
They may text or phone the daily directors: Jorgen (George) Boettiger (Monday), Christine Hadaway (Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday supervised session), Pam Gowthorp (Wednesday morning), Sylvia Foster (Wednesday afternoon and Saturday) and Chris Hannan (Thursday).
“You can also email the club and the message will be passed on the relevant director,” Ms Dillon said.
Learner refresher lessons are being run by Christine Hadaway for the club’s newest players at 9:30am on Tuesdays, with supervised play being held on Fridays between10am and 12:30pm.
All are welcome.
Table fees are now only payable by card.
The club’s annual general meeting will be held at 11am on Saturday, September 12, in the Bridge Clubroom at the Peninsula Community Centre.

Website, 26 Aug 2020
Tracey Dillon, BWBC