Aged care homes are closed to visitors

Local aged care homes are expected to be closed to visitors for at least another week or two, following the notification of two confirmed coronavirus cases in Woy Woy.
“BlueWave Living will be closed to all visitors for at least 14 days, while we monitor to see if there is a localised outbreak flowing from this,” said chief executive Mr Matt Downie.
Peninsula Village had already placed itself into isolation but its chief executive Mr Shane Neaves said that advice that a commuter from Woy Woy had contracted the virus had “heighted our protective mode and the need to update residents and families”.
Mr Downie said: “We have been made aware that there is a local Covid case in Woy Woy, which is a flow on from the Sydney CBD cluster, and the person commuted on the train from Woy Woy Station.
“We have continued to monitor the community transmission on a daily basis.
“We continue to offer Facetime and Skype-type calls, and phone calls as additional means for family to keep in touch with loved ones,” he said.
Mr Downie said that visiting exceptions may be made on compassionate grounds, “such as for families visiting loved ones who may be palliating”.
“Such visits need to be arranged in advance with the clinical management team.”
Mr Neaves said: “The changing conditions surrounding this pandemic do make communications to all concerned a difficult task.
“Peninsula Villages is endeavouring to update all forms of communication including Facebook and our website.
“If family members are not receiving updates via our channels, please contact us.
“It is worth noting that our internal systems are set to provide the family information to a least two key representatives listed for each resident, so please spread the news within your family and friendship groups accordingly.
“The team and especially the residents at Peninsula Villages are doing an incredible job in keeping the environment safe and providing protection against this virus.”

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Matt Downie, BlueWave Living
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