Pretty Beach team participates in online debate

The Pretty Beach Public School debating team participated in the first round of the Premier’s Debating Challenge on Thursday, August 13, using an online platform.
The team debated with the Umina Beach Public Soarers the topic “That a panel of student leaders should decide how misbehaving students are punished”.
The final results saw the Pretty Beach team as the winners.
Teacher Ms Kate McKinney said: “The Pretty Beach debating team were the negative team and had some great ideas about why this would be a disastrous idea.
“Both teams presented really well.”
She said the school had thanked the debating coordinators and adjudicator for organising and running the debate.
“It was a great learning experience and we look forward to participating in more online debates throughout 2020.”

Newsletter, 20 Aug 2020
Kate McKinney, Pretty Beach Public School