Four crews and helicopter attend Woy Woy Rd accident

Emergency services were called to Woy Woy Rd, just after 1pm on Saturday, August 8, following reports of a two-vehicle accident.
Five crews attended the accident, including the Careflight helicopter.
Upon arrival, paramedics located a 41-year-old woman trapped in her vehicle.
She was extricated and treated for chest and limb injuries before being flown to Royal North Shore Hospital in a stable condition.
Paramedics assessed a 10-year-old boy who was taken to Gosford Hospital as a precaution, while man, believed to be in his 30s, refused treatment at the scene.
Former ambulance officer Mr Noel Plummer of Phegans Bays said he arrived on the crash scene just after it happened.
“I was driving north on Woy Woy Rd when I came upon a two-vehicle head-on smash,” he said.
“The accident happened just north of the curve about halfway between the intersection of Woy Woy Bay Rd and Woy Woy Rd and where the old speed camera was located near the Tunnel Fire Trail.
“It looked like the crash had just happened about 10 to 15 seconds prior to me arriving on the scene.”
Mr Plummer said, as a former ambulance paramedic, he always stopped when he came upon situations like this to see if he could offer help.
“Before all the emergency services arrived about 10 minutes later, both an off-duty policeman and a firie stopped to help,” he said.
“The man driving the ute only had minor bleeding but the woman driving the sedan was trapped behind the wheel and was very distressed with possibly a broken arm.
“Her son was complaining of bad chest pain, possibly caused by seat belt chest compression injuries.
“A great thing these days of mobile phones is how quickly help can be on its way, compared to way back when I was young and there was a desperate search for a public phone box,” Mr Plummer said.

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Noel Plummer, Phegans Bay
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NSW Ambulance