Council approves $1.7 million of roadworks

Central Coast Council has approved $1.7 million of roadworks on the Peninsula over the next 12 month.
It has also approved stabilisation and similar work totalling $804,000.
Pavement renewal and road resurfacing on Patonga Dr has been allocated $322,000 and on Booker Bay Rd $307,000.
Road safety improvements on Woy Woy Rd will cost $305,000 at Woy Woy Bay and a further $165,000 at Woy Woy.
A shared path at Umina Beach Surf Club car park will cost $250,000.
Two road rehabilitation projects in Woy Woy are “pending external grant” – at North Burge Rd costing $249,000 and in Hillview St costing $108,000.
Embankment stabilisation on Mt Ettalong Rd will cost $75,000.
Seawall reconstruction at Monastir Rd, Phegans Bay, will cost $165,000.
Escarpment stabilisation at Castle Circuit and Homan Close, Umina, will cost $107,164 and
at Greenhaven Dr will cost the same amount again, $107,164.
Asset protection zone and fire trail establishment and upgrade will cost $175,000.

Central Coast Council agenda 2.1, 27 Jul 2020