Council announces start to wharf construction

Central Coast Council has announced the start of the main construction phase of the new Woy Woy Wharf, following its approval in the Council’s July 27 budget.
The $5.6 million project is the largest of 54 council projects approved for the Peninsula for the coming year, totalling almost $26 million.
Three projects will cost more than $4 million each.
The two others are the $5 million Umina skate park redevelopment and a $4.29 million replacement of the ventilation system at the Peninsula Leisure Centre.
Council director Mr Boris Bolgoff said: “It is very exciting to commence construction on this significant project which features a floating pontoon that will move with the varying tides and ensure access to ferry services and facilities in most tide and weather conditions.
“Our new Woy Woy Wharf will benefit commuters and community members who regularly use ferry services and will undoubtedly become a centre-piece and draw-card for Woy Woy.”
Mr Bolgoff said: “Accessibility for community members who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices has been a priority throughout the design process.
“One of the added key features of the project is infrastructure to accommodate a wheelchair lifting facility on the pontoon for recreational boat users.”
The project design included a dedicated fishing area located on the boardwalk, smart benches with phone charging capabilities, landscaping with established salt water tolerant trees and banner poles, he said.
Woy Woy’s commercial wharf will operate as the main ferry wharf for the area while the new wharf is under construction.
Mayor Cr Lisa Matthews said: “This flagship project is a great example of different levels of government working together.”
According to Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Mr Adam Crouch, the State Government has contributed $3.99 million to the project.
“The current jetty becomes submerged during king tides but the new pontoon wharf will rise with the tide to reduce disruption and improve disability access,” Mr Crouch said.
“The new wharf is capable of accommodating 35-metre vessels up to 250 tonnes, making it a significant asset to the Woy Woy community.”

Media release, 18 August 2020
Boris Bolgoff, Central Coast Council