Comments on three current news items

I would like to comment on three current news items in Peninsula News, August 10.
The first item is the Master Plan for Woy Woy centre which, we are assured, will map out the direction of future growth and transform the experience of visiting Woy Woy.
Of course, we were promised that this plan would be completed by June 2020, so it is a little disconcerting to find it still being prominently mentioned as only in preparation.
Still, I’m sure it will be worth the wait when we see it.
The second item concerns the underpass to replace the Rawson Rd level crossing for which the Council is seeking funding to complete a study.
I was under the impression that this matter had already been extensively studied, but I am always in agreement that more studies have never hurt a Council proposal (in fact, more studies seem to be a sine qua non for a Council proposal) so, again, it will be enlightening to see the final outcome of this exercise.
The third item deals with the proposed fast ferry from Gosford to Sydney which is a perennial favourite with the Council.
No matter how many times it is mentioned, it is always good for a reference whenever there is an election in the offing (along with the fast train, of course) and the local real estate brokers are always anxious to promote it as a sales feature.
Good heavens, my mistake – I’ve been reading the facsimile page of the first issue from 1999.

Email, 16 Aug 2020
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy