Bin hazard on Daley Ave

Cyclists and joggers are being warned about a hazard along a short stretch of road on Daley Ave, Daleys Point, because of residents leaving their garbage bins on the roadside.
The warning was posted on social media, urging people to be aware that many of the residents on the short stretch of Daley Ave from the St Huberts Island roundabout to Maitland Bay Dr continually leave out their empty bins beyond the kerb and gutter.
Cyclists particularly have to steer out into the traffic to get past these obstacles.
Mr Jeffrey Evans said he saw one pair of young schoolgirls do just that.
“The younger, less experienced rider wobbled dangerously out into the path of a car heading toward the Rip Bridge and it was only because of the consideration of the lady driver that the girl was not injured,” he said.
Central Coast Council did not respond when this newspaper made inquiries.

Social media, 6 Aug 2020
Jeffrey Evans, Gosford and Peninsula Neighbourhood Community Alerts