Bays meeting fills all committee positions

A special general meeting held by The Bays Community Group has resulted in all positions on the committee being filled for the first time in a number of years.
Ms Gwynneth Weir is new president of the group.
The meeting was scheduled after the group’s annual meeting on June 24 failed to elect a president, vice-president or secretary.
Ms Weir said the special meeting had “a great turnout of residents”.
“This has resulted in an exciting cross-section of committee members – young people, the young-at-heart, those new to The Bays, long-time residents and an amazing collection of skills and experience,” she said.
“Having a full complement will bring many benefits, not least with respect to the sharing of the workload.
“It is always good to have new members, bringing new ideas as well as strengths and skills that will be invaluable going forward, alongside those that have been involved before.
“I am already hearing exciting new ideas for future Bays events.
“It would be great if we were able open up the hall more frequently, offering more opportunities for residents to come together and enjoy each other’s company.
“Some events might appeal more to our younger residents, some to our more mature residents and hopefully lots of events that all ages might enjoy.”
Ms Weir said she felt honoured to be elected president.
“Following on from our last two presidents, Cathy Gleeson and Bob Puffett, I know I have big shoes to fill.
“What a great job they have done for The Bays for so many years.
“We all appreciate the many hours they have put in and look forward to seeing them at future events while they sit back and relax,” she said.

Newsletter, 11 Aug 2020
Gwynneth Weir, The Bays Community Group