Rare artefacts found at Woy Woy Public School

A 1951 sixpence and a school newsletter from 2002 were among the items discovered by students in an “archaeological dig” at Woy Woy Public School.

The dig was conducted by Year 2 and 3 students on the site of a removed demountable classroom.
One of the students, Anji Magee, wrote a report headed “Rare artefacts found at Woy Woy Public School”.
“Recently Woy Woy Public School did a search they called the Big Dig,” she wrote.
“They found amazing things like a juice box from six years ago.
“They also found an old newspaper and an old lunch order from 11 years ago.
“We had a talk to some students and they all loved it.
“They found way more things but they were my favourite.”
Classroom teacher Mr Andrew Brady said: “The students were exposed to the experiences of a real archaeological dig, following all procedural and safety protocols.
“All the students enjoyed the experience, both digging and researching the origins of their finds.
“We uncovered a 1951 sixpence, a1967 10c piece, and a lot of rubbish, which dated back to 1999.
“Probably the most important finds were Mrs Taylor’s son Daniel’s lunch order from 2009 (still completely intact) and a copy of the Namalata newsletter dating back to 2002.”
Mr Brady said the dig was a fun and educational experience for the children, but they had no luck in finding the 55-year old time capsule buried somewhere on the school grounds.
Newsletter, 31 Jul 2020
Andrew Brady, Woy Woy Public School