Celebrating 21 years and 500 issues

This is the 500th issue of Peninsula News.
It started 21 years ago in April 1999. The front page of the first issue is reproduced on this page.
The longevity and success of Peninsula News has been made possible, due to a unique arrangement between a voluntary community group and a private business.
The non-profit association has owned the newspaper and been responsible for the news content, and the business has been responsible for its production and commercial operation in return for the right to retain income raised by selling advertisements.
The business employed a journalist dedicated to writing news about the local council meetings from a Peninsula perspective, and to provide an office through which news contributions could be received.
Having the commercial operation undertaken by a separate organisation has had benefits for Peninsula News and its readers.
It has enabled the association to focus entirely on providing a news service, and not have to concern itself with the production or commercial operation.
It minimises the conflict of interest arising from operating an advertising service.
It has enabled the newspaper to remain independent and to remain true to many of its original objectives, which serve the interests of local readers.
This four-page feature explores the origins and purpose of the newspaper, its evolution and the people who have been with it from the start.

Mark Snell, 6 Aug 2020