Pick up and drop off rules enforced

Parents and carers of students at Woy Woy Public School have been reminded that they must follow coronavirus rules when picking up and dropping off children at school.
Woy Woy Public School joint principals Ms Ona Buckley and Mr Dan Betts the process for pick ups and drop offs was being enforced.
“We know that dropping off and picking up your children at present is hard, as our school is not able to invite parents on site,” they said.
“There is congestion at our gates and more traffic congestion on our main pick up areas in Park and Bowen Rds.
“Please be sensible and exercise consideration and fairness to others.
“Our Kiss and Drop zone must be used correctly at all times.
“Kiss and Ride Zones are designed for your convenience and for your child’s safety.
“Designed for quick entry and exit, these zones minimise congestion and risk when used properly by all parents and carers.
“These zones operate under the same conditions as no-parking zones, which means you may stop to drop off or pick up children for a maximum of two minutes.
“You’re required to remain in, or within three metres of, your vehicle.
“Fines can be given to those who do not do the right thing.”

Newsletter, 18 June 2020,
Ona Buckley and Dan Betts, Woy Woy Public School.