Life Saving Club prepares for 100th birthday

Ocean Beach Surf Lifesaving Club is celebrating its 100th birthday in January 2022.

The club’s Centenary Celebrations Committee has already begun preparations.
The surf club has called on past and present members, as well as local supporters and members of the public to join in organising the celebrations.
Centenary Committee chair Mr Dave Thompson said: “There are 11 sub-committees and you can be a member of as many as you like.
“Each sub-committee will have a chair and secretary and will provide regular updates to the Centenary Committee.
“This is a great opportunity for all current and past members of Ocean Beach SLSC and the community to be involved in celebrating the oldest community-based organisation on the Peninsula.”
The sub-Committees that have been formed are the Ball Committee, the History Book Committee chaired by historian Julie Aitchison, the Carnival Committee, the Membership Engagement Committee, the Community Engagement Committee, the Reunion Committee, the Clubhouse Renovations and Memorabilia Committee chaired by Mr Scott Hannell, the Social Media Committee, the Administration Committee, the Building Maintenence Committee and the Song Committee.
Anyone interested in joining a sub-committee should contact administration support officer Ms Belinda Thompson by email at
For further information, contact Mr Thompson on 0418 675 106.

Media release, 31 May 2020
Dave Thompson, Ocean Beach SLSC