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Day to honour life member

Woy Woy Bowling Club held a special bowls day in honour of life member Mr Kevin O'Brian recently.

Club publicity officer Mr Ken Poole said Mr O'Brian was one of Woy Woy Bowling Club's favourite bowlers.

"He has not been in the best of health lately so the day was arranged in appreciation of the excellent work he has done for the club over many years," Mr Poole said.

"Kevin moved to the Taree area some years ago and is now based at the Taree Railway Bowling Club.

"He has kept strong ties with Woy Woy though and many reciprocal visits between the two clubs have been undertaken.

"Both greens were booked solid and 80 plus bowlers including a dozen or so from Taree lined up at 8.30am before play for a breakfast.

"Many more people dropped in to the club to chat.

"The festivities completed but with the band still playing the opponents in the major singles final took to the green for the final.

"The match enjoyed by the big crowd saw Lee Patterson overcome Ken Young 31 to 25."


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