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Sea Scouts hold barbecue picnic

The First Woy Woy Sea Scouts Group celebrated its end of term with a barbecue picnic at Woy Woy Scout Hall on July 5.

Group publicity officer Ms Julie Crowhurst said the event was organised by the committee for all Scout families to enjoy.

"The day started with members participating in an opening parade," Ms Crowhurst said.

"Fellow Scout member Melissa Piper was chosen to do flag.

"Once Melissa broke the flag, certificates were handed out to the members of the First Woy Woy Sea Scouts.

"All of the cub section had their Bronze Boomerang Certificate, but Daniel Stables was the only cub who turned up, so he was awarded his Bronze Boomerang Certificate alone.

"Tracey Seal was presented a certificate for her 20 years in Scouting, while cub leader Michael Crowhurst was presented with his certificate for 10 years in Scouting.

"The Stables family was also presented with a certificate for all the help they have given the committee and group over term two.

"They have made cakes for our cake stall fundraiser, helped cook the barbecue at our Bunnings fundraiser, mowed the hall's grass on Saturday and cleaned up the garden at the front of the Scout Hall so the grounds looked nice for our barbecue.

"A certificate was also presented to BJ Woolsey for all her help with fundraising over the term.

"Joee Crowhurst was given his Promise Challenge Badge, the highest badge given in the Joey section of Scouting."


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