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Marie Andrews 'won't retire'

Member for Gosford Ms Marie Andrews has denied reports of early retirement from her position as MP in order to make way for a leadership push from Health Minister Mr John Della Bosca.

"That's something that someone's dreamt up," Ms Andrews told ABC News Online.

"My future is that I plan to stay in the electorate of Gosford, representing the people right up until the end of this term in 2011 and of course beyond that.

"That will be up to the decision made by the ALP members."

ABC News Online has reported Ms Andrews to been dogged by claims she was keeping her Lower House seat "warm" for Mr Della Bosca since entering parliament in 1995.

"And since he was named premier, barely has a week gone by without Nathan Rees having to respond to rumours of a leadership challenge," ABC News stated.

"Web-based news organisation Crikey brought the two strands together yesterday, claiming Ms Andrews was about to embark upon a farewell overseas trip before resigning to give Mr Della Bosca a chance to move to the Lower House and challenge Mr Rees.

"Mr Della Bosca says the premier has his support and deserves a fair go.

"He says he is focused on his job as Health Minister."


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