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Positive response

A Woy Woy garden centre has received a "positive response" for the start of its winter art exhibition,.

"Award winning artists displayed their work for the launch of our winter exhibition with a positive response from the public," according to Ms Janice Rutherford, owner of Creative Courtyards Garden Centre and Art Gallery in Woy Woy.

"Margaret Hogarth spent one year creating a magnificent mosaic of Lower Fort St in Sydney.

"Last year she contacted the Sydney Royal Easter Show and asked if they took mosaics for their art exhibition and they said no.

"Knowing that this piece of art was something special, this year she jumped in the car and took down to the selectors and without hesitation, and they accepted her masterpiece.

"Marijke Greenway also won first prize at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the poultry division for her chook painting Pecking Order and first place at the Gosford Show for the same painting.

"Sherry McCourt won two second prize places at the Gosford Show for Treasure Seekers and The Band Played On.

Ms Rutherford said the gallery's current exhibition The Five Artist Exhibition with Amanda Anderson, Trish Wise, Giuseppina Laina, Justin Rossi and Luis Monteiro was also proving to be a popular showcase of local talent.

The Five Artist Exhibition will continue through until July 19.


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