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Auditions for next production

Woy Woy Little Theatre will hold auditions for its upcoming production of Woody Allen's Don't Drink the Water at the Peninsula Theatre on July 13 and 15 from 7.30pm.

The local theatre group will be looking to fill 15 major and minor roles for the performance, which was Woody Allen's first play and ran for more than a year on Broadway.

Director Ms Christine Vale said the play was one of the few she has found to make her laugh out loud while reading the script.

"The play is about an unsuspecting caterer from New Jersey, Walter Hollander, his wife Marion and daughter Susan who accidentally wander into a restricted area, take photographs and are chased by the secret police from an Iron Curtain country until they find refuge in the US Embassy," Ms Vale said.

"This is the start of a major international incident which quickly gets out of hand because it is left in the incompetent hands of Axel Magee, the son of the absent Ambassador Magee.

"So, although the Hollanders couldn't wait to get into the Embassy at first, the problem they face is how they get out!

"Father Drobney has been stuck in the Embassy for six years."

Ms Vale said major roles for the characters of Axel Magee, Marion Hollander, Walter Hollander and Susan Hollander would be highly sought after.

The production will be performed at the Peninsula Theatre from October 30 to November 15.

For more information on auditions, contact Christine Vale on 0417 388 251 or via email at


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