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Masons provide special bedding

Woy Woy Community Aged Care has received a $7600 donation to purchase specialised bedding equipment for three residents at the facility.

The funding was provided through the assistance of Lodge Morning Star in Gosford and Karagi Court Ltd.

"Lodge Morning Star Freemasons, which now meets monthly in Gosford, started in 1922 in Woy Woy and over many years has been a regular donor to many organisations on the Peninsula," Lodge Morning Star representative Mr Bill Richards said.

"We are very proud to be able to assist the Woy Woy Community Aged Care nursing home with two new special purpose beds and a pressure area mattress to meet specific care needs of their frail aged residents.

"This has been possible with the financial assistance of Karagi Court Ltd and we are delighted that our help in the local area is being recognised."

Woy Woy Community Aged Care chief executive officer Ms Jennifer Eddy said she was grateful for the generosity and support shown by Lodge Morning Star and Karagi Court.

"This donation has allowed us to purchase specialised equipment to enhance the quality of care for our residents," Ms Eddy said.

"There will be three residents benefiting immediately.

"Ron Hearn was more comfortable sleeping in a chair until we were able to provide him with this special purpose electric lift bed which allows him to adjust his sleeping position.

"Another resident has a medical condition which limits control of her arms and legs.

"She is now able to socialise with other residents in the lounge room while remaining safe and comfortable, as her bed can be easily moved, tilted and lowered.

"The pressure area mattress will provide comfort to residents at risk of pressure wounds."

Freemasonry is open to all men aged over 18 years and inquiries can be made by contacting Neale Norman on 4342 4509 or Richard Black on 4342 4565.


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