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Collapse Issue 211 - 16 Mar 2009Issue 211 - 16 Mar 2009
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Woolworths and Aldi get go ahead
NRMA park found in breach
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Information for Short and Sweet
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Gothic fairytale in sign language
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Village gets clean bill of health
New generation pacemaker implanted at Woy Woy
Church to hold youth cancer concert
Peninsula life in the 1950s

Woolworths and Aldi get go ahead

Woolworths and Aldi have both been given permission to build new supermarkets in Umina.

Woolworths was granted consent for a supermarket in West St, while Aldi gained approval to build in Trafalgar Ave.

Cr Craig Doyle said the two new developments were an exciting change for the Peninsula community.

"In such a time of economic strain and hardship, it is exciting and reassuring to see developers investing their money into the Umina community," Cr Doyle said.

"Many people are quick to talk the Peninsula down but this is not the case when big money is being invested in this community.

"The Peninsula people will have some good choices in shopping thanks to the addition of two major supermarkets in the Umina CBD."

According to a council staff report, the Woolworths supermarket alone will create employment for up to 160 people and 59 construction jobs during the building process.

"The applicant has indicated the general store (supermarket) is likely to employ approximately 160 people," the report stated.

"In addition, 59 construction jobs will be created and a further 95 jobs will be created as a supplier-induced multiplier effect during construction.

"The additional retail jobs will result in a further 137 jobs in the broader community based on ABS input/output multipliers.

"This proposal is therefore a high level employment generating development and is a priority development under council's protocol for assessment of priority development applications."

In its report, council described both developments as providing "a wider shopping choice to the community and competition in the supermarket sector without eliminating future opportunity for small-scale business-retail uses to establish in Umina".

Both developments are expected to be completed by the end of next year.


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